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Get a Free ticket to the WIS exhibition! ($10 value)

October 17, 2014

Wepware at World IT Show (WIS)

This year we are lucky to get featured AGAIN as a Good Software (GS) certified company at the World IT Show (WIS) Exhibition.
Come and visit our booth! We will distribute 100 Free tickets to the exhibition.

Exhibition details:

Location: Pusan Bexco (Pusan Exhibition and Convention Center)

Booth: 3rd floor, 5th hall, inside GS certification Block (GS인증관).

Date and time: October 20th-23rd, 10AM ~ 5PM

How to apply for FREE tickets:
1. Register in Wepware and login;
2. Go to
3. Send a message “Pls, give me ## number of tickets to the ## entrance (of the Bexco building)”.

See you there!!!


Your key to smart shopping

July 18, 2014

Many a times we have heard about smart shopping but what is it really about? Smart shopping is all about making informed decision. Buying after thorough research and getting the best possible deal (finding true value for money). However we all know that most of the times social feedback also plays important role in shopping.

Today we have lots of websites and tools to help us in shopping. There are sites which provide deals, detailed unboxing videos & reviews, price & feature comparison to name few. However it becomes really difficult to collate information from all these different sources to make informed decision. So basically we need a tool that provides method to create personalize dashboard where we can organize and compare different decision variables. I am sure most of you have experienced shopping nightmares in finding right deals by having to browse through few dozen open-tabs & resulting non-responding browser.
Today we are going to share quick guide to smart shopping:

Start with discovering better deals and price with InvisibleHand, Price Blink, Honey or ShopBuddy.

These chrome based extensions are particularly useful in Finding Lower Prices and Money-Saving Coupons while you shop. Checks for lower prices when you’re shopping, otherwise it stays hidden. Invisible hand is more powerful with more features & functionality.

Find reviews and rating about store and product using Pepfeed (specially for electronics), or

PepFeed gives you instant access to insightful expert reviews, engaging product videos and informative brand pages, so that you get to shop with confidence, and have a great time doing it. Consumerify provides different approach they give you a quick dashboard which you can use to find most of the information.

What if you stay in a region where above tools has limited or no utility?

However all above services and tools are limited to certain web stores and regions so here is a really handy tool “Wepware” which allows you to capture, organize, share content from any website and create private dashboards.

Here is a quick demo to get you started:

Wepware allows you to make a search and browse for what is trending, what is available, price ranges, features etc. (You can even grab information from tools and sources discussed above). Since it has lots of functionality you may need some practice to start using it effectively.
If you think that an item is worth considering (based on price, shape, color or other attribute). Just grab the important information together with what the product looks like, save it in your “things-to-buy” list (folder) and close the tab.
With the next few comparable products do the same filtering process. At the end of your short skim-search, you have a list of products with their characteristics, price, feature-list, deals/coupons etc.
Next step is to open Wepware’s Smart Tray and drag & drop relevant grabs from your recently grabbed items on any website to create your personalized dashboard. This way you don’t have to go back to the shopping site, make a search and so on. You can even create “Bind” to combine your grabs about specific product.
Finally, if you still have a hard time making that decision, try sharing the whole collection or only the selected items with friends asking for their opinion. They can view, comment, Like the items from your list and you will get notified of their actions.
What do you think about our quick guide to smart shopping? Let us know in comments.

The Secret Behind My Trading Success

June 18, 2014

Investment Trade

In current volatile market, information is most valuable asset for decision making. Being an individual trader, I cannot afford Bloomberg terminal or Reuters service at my desk. My average day used to start with opening my bookmarked news sources and quote websites. I had to quickly shuffle through zillions of tabs to make my investment decision. Many times I used to even miss important news because of this cumbersome process.

Finally I Googled for service that can provide me ability to aggregate news sources and stock quotes at one place. I found many services and I tried almost all of them but none of them served my primary purpose. Then I found Wepware which surprisingly catered to my needs.

Now Wepware has become integral part of my internet browsing. I have to simply grab what I want from a page, store in my Wepware cloud library and later I can access it from anywhere. I have created real-time dashboards which I can use to track news and quotes and make more informed decisions. I no longer have to run around and waste my time in searching for resources, all the information that I need is right in front of my screen and I can finally concentrate on my investment decisions. I can also track my favourite sport without leaving my desk. I am truly thankful to Wepware for providing such a great tool.


Further Enhancements: One-Click Image Saving & Folder Ordering

March 17, 2014

Hello, dear Wepware users!

It is my privilege to introduce further enhancements in Wepware.

Are you the one who often grab only an image , pasting the main point of of the article in description? This Enhancement is for you. Remember how I wrote before that you can grab Youtube videos with one click? Well guess what! Now it is possible to do the same with images. If you move your mouse over the images in your desktop browser, you will see Wepware icon, just like on Youtube videos. Clicking on it will enable you to save the image in Wepware with the URL to the current page. It’s that simple!

One-click saving of an image

One more simple but very helpful improvement is the ability to re-order your folders. For example, placing one folder that is located at the bottom of the folder list to the top of it. It is especially useful to people who have many folders. Yay! So, how is it done?! To move a folder up or down the folder list, do the following:

  1. place your mouse over the folder name,
  2. wait for a second for the 4 arrow icon to appear under the mouse
  3. drag and drop the folder to another position

Reordering Folders

Hope these tips are useful!

If you have your own recommendations, questions or difficulties using Wepware, please, contact me at

You Can Capture More, Outside Your Browser – Discover Wepware Desktop Capture Tool

March 12, 2014

Hello again 🙂

It’s been a while since the last post was shared. The truth being told is that the company is about to take a different direction in the development. The divide is between redesigning the system core or just the user interface (UI) of the current tool-set. While the planning is in progress the current Wepware tool is being updated with more cool features that already got a lot of positive feedback from the current customers.

The additional development that gives us the reason to call Wepware as a tool-set is the release of the Desktop Capture Tool. Using this tool you can grab screenshots of your desktop area, not limited to the browser only space and save them in you cloud-based Wepware account. Moreover, you cam Bind several items together just like in the browser version. You can drag and drop the files, documents and images into the clipboard space and upload them to Wepware.


The software can be downloaded by clicking the designated button from the main page below the main menu on the Left. Please, note that it is a version for Windows OS only.

Download buttons Menu

The full description of the Desktop Capture Tool is laid out on our Help page:

Grab YouTube Videos with a Single Click

November 6, 2013

Tired to search and add the YouTube videos from Wepware, while actually browsing in YouTube website?

Did you feel that saving YouTube videos in your Wepware library was somewhat uncomfortable?

– I did, because before, to save a video that I was watching in YouTube, I had to open Wepware slidebar and search for the video with the same title again and add it to a page to have it saved in YouTube folder. It wasn’t easy. But it all got better!

Now when I watch a YouTube video and want to save it in my Wepware folder, I just need to click the small Grab button in the Top-Left corner of the embedded video window. And that’s it!!!

YouTube grab button

YouTube grab button

Do you like the new feature of easily saving Youtube videos?

Turning Job search Nightmare into a pleasant experience

October 21, 2013

By chartered accountant, Vikram Pandya

I can still remember the days of my job search. I had a very standard routine during those days. Every morning I used to start my computer and pray to god for getting good job opportunities. But I was sure that even God will be unable to help me find anything useful through clutter of my job search results and status tracking. Most of my time was just wasted in searching for new job postings from various sources, copy pasting them in Excel file and reviewing them one by one. If that nightmare was not enough, my friends used to mock me by telling me that Job search had become a full time job for me!

job_SearchBeing tired of this process, I asked some of my friends about ways that they used to search and organize information during their job search process. Few of them suggested me Evernote Web clipping, some of them recommended iCyte while some even suggested buying virtual assistant who can do this task for me. One of my friends however suggested a new free content grabbing tool “Wepware” which I had never heard of before. So I decided to give it a try, after all it’s a free tool and I had nothing to lose.

I can now say that it was the best thing happened to me. Using Wepware is so simple that I was able to immediately start using it. I had to simply sign in and install the chrome extension to start grabbing job postings from different job portals which can be found directly through Wepware content library. Once I had grabbed the essential resources, I created a personalized dashboard which delivered new real-time job postings in a single window. Because of Wepware, I could spend more time on making right career decision by getting fast access to relevant information. Its content library is also really useful as it provides useful sources and articles for job search and career building resources. It also has interactive calculators to compare pay-scale and cost of living/moving which can be very handy as well.

Following are links to some of the Dashboards which I have used:

Job Portals:

Useful Career Resources:

Compare Salary & Cost of Living: